A new Swedish railway company – Cactus Rail


A new Swedish railway company – Cactus Rail

The newly-formed Cactus Rail AB is launched today. The company develops and supplies traffic management systems (TMS and CTC) to control, optimise and monitor railways in Sweden, the Nordic countries and the rest of Europe. In November Cactus Rail won a railway order worth over SEK 100 million.

Cactus Rail has its roots in Cactus Utilities, which builds systems for socially critical infrastructure – primarily systems that control and monitor most of the drinking water production and waste purification in Sweden.

Rapid expansion with highly acclaimed CEO

Fredrik Bergström, who has been CEO of Cactus Utilities for the last nine years, is coming on board as CEO of Cactus Rail.

“Fredrik has guided Cactus Utilities into a market-leading position in the water sector. Now that we are breaking out the railway operation, Fredrik and his colleagues will be able to focus entirely on exploiting the great opportunities that exist in the rail industry. It is also comforting to know that Fredrik is staying with Cactus Utilities as a member of the Board,” says Lovisa Öhnell, Chair of the Board.

Cactus Rail is now expanding fast. In the first instance, by taking on some 20 consultants.

“It is a privilege to work with such an alert and informed team to create world-class solutions for a smarter railway,” says Fredrik Bergström.


About Cactus Rail

Cactus delivered the first traffic management system to Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL) in the early 1990s. A separate business area for the railway operation was formed in 2010, and this activity was then hived off into a new company on 1 December 2015. Its customers include both Nordic infrastructure owners and global rail operators.

Apart from the major order that was recently signed, there are good prospects for the pilot systems that Cactus has been developing since 2008 to modernise the Swedish signalling systems based on ERTMS L2 and conventional technology.

The cactus was our inspiration when we named our company. It lives and thrives in harsh environments that demand flexibility, development and sustainability. Just like us and our systems.


Further information

Lovisa Öhnell, Chair of the Board, Cactus Rail AB, +46 (0)707–97 91 90
Fredrik Bergström CEO, Cactus Rail AB, +46 (0)705–81 26 38