‘Growth Company of the Year’ and ‘Growth Leader of the Year’


‘Growth Company of the Year’ and ‘Growth Leader of the Year’

When Business Region Göteborg today named its ‘Growth Company of the Year’ and ‘Growth Leader of the Year’, Cactus was the only company to be nominated in both categories.


Reason for the award of ‘Growth Company of the Year’

“Cactus works to maintain and optimise the operation of socially critical infrastructure. With both greatly increased sales and growth, Cactus lives up to its name, taken from the plant which lives and thrives in a harsh environment that demands adaptability and durability. In business since 1974, Cactus also lives up to its own motto. A company with skills and experience which can be relied on and will stay the course.”


Reason for the award of ‘Growth Leader of the Year’

“Fredrik Bergström is a committed and positive manager who has driven Cactus forward from one company to two with a fantastic team focus. Concerned for his staff, he works actively on corporate culture and values, and has a real ability both to motivate his employees and to make them grow. With a humble attitude and an enthusiastic manner, he has managed to drive the company forward brilliantly in a tough environment with demanding requirements.”


High tech and clean tech in one and the same company

Cactus Rail develops and supplies traffic management systems to control, optimise and monitor railways in Sweden and the rest of Europe. In November 2015, Cactus Rail won a railway order worth over SEK 100 million to modernise the Swedish railways.

“For me, it is about unleashing and enabling the strength of the team to come through. Stimulating instinct, courage and a spirit of adventure. Recognising creativity. But also hanging in and being close even when it is rainy and cold, far out on the running track,” says Fredrik Bergström, CEO of Cactus Rail.

Cactus Utilities continues to expand.

“Things are going well for us and we will be expanding a lot, particularly in Gothenburg. That is why we are now looking for people who want to work at the forefront of technology as automation engineers or systems developers. Our products make a difference to people and the environment, and many people like to work with that,” says Elisabet Svensson, CEO of Cactus Utilities.


About Cactus Utilities and Cactus Rail

Cactus provides systems for large parts of Sweden’s water and energy supplies and has around 100 customers running socially critical infrastructure. Its customers include both Nordic infrastructure owners and global rail operators. The cactus gave its name to our company. It lives and thrives in a harsh environment that demands flexibility, development and durability. Just like us and our systems.


About Business Region Göteborg

Business Region Göteborg AB works to create the conditions for the economy of the whole region by contributing knowledge, contacts and forums for interaction. Business Region Göteborg is responsible for economic development in the City of Gothenburg and represents 13 municipalities in the region.


More information
Lovisa Öhnell, Chair of the Board, Cactus Utilities AB, +46 (0)707–97 91 90
Elisabet Svensson, CEO, Cactus Utilities AB, +46 (0)31-86 97 38
Fredrik Bergström CEO, Cactus Rail AB, +46 (0)705–81 26 38
Eva-Lena Albihn, Deputy CEO, Business Region Göteborg, +46 (0)31-367 61 31