Hovedstadens Lokalbaner (HL) chooses Cactus


Hovedstadens Lokalbaner (HL) chooses Cactus

Cactus has received an order to upgrade traffic control systems for the Lokalbanen line in Hillerød. After the upgrade, the newly developed platform for the traffic management system, Cactus TMS, will replace the existing system.

When Lokalbanen A/S in Denmark wanted to upgrade the control system for its five local lines in North Zealand, Cactus won the order. The previous Cactus system was supplied in 2004.

The latest upgrade is based on the Cactus TMS platform from the Haparanda line and Rail Net Denmark.

“Despite a tough schedule, Cactus delivered on time just before the rapeseed was in full flower,”says Tomas Lindh, who was the project manager for Cactus.


Circulation in North Zealand

Many North Zealand residents take one of the five lines to Hillerød in order to change to the fast train to Copenhagen.

The trains used to be known locally as the ‘Pigs’ because they were red and chubby and the whistle sounded like a snuffling pig. Now the trains are yellow.


More user-friendly and safer

The new Cactus system has a modern user-friendly interface.

“Now the users are working with applications that can be moved between screens. Newly-developed, elegant applications for train graphs, event replay and timetable handling make work easier,” says Tomas Lindh.

The old screens and most of the functions that the operators use have been retained, which makes it very easy for the users to get started. However, the screens have been adapted to the new wide screen format.

For full redundancy, the hardware is split across two different rooms. In theory, one room could burn down or get flooded without affecting operations.


New control centre from Cactus

Lokalbanen A/S also sought Cactus’s special expertise in the field of control rooms. The new control centre is an end-to-end solution covering everything from guidance, professional LCD fittings, operator consoles and controllers to installation.


Further information

Fredrik Bergström, CEO, +46 (0)31 86 97 17
Jan Andreasson, Business Area Manager, Railway, +46 (0)31 86 97 15