SL invests in new equipment from Cactus


SL invests in new equipment from Cactus

Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL) is continuing to invest in new technology to increase safety and improve efficiency. Cactus is in the middle of a new project for an up-to-date local control system.

The whole of the Roslagsbanan is normally controlled by an overall traffic management system supplied by Cactus. In the event of a break in communication or rebuilding work at individual stations, there is a need to be able to take temporary control of the traffic locally at the station. Cactus UniView has therefore developed a completely new system, whereby the staff can use laptops to connect to the interlockings and control the traffic locally.


The system produced for SL will be mainly used to test interlocking functions, when stations are upgraded and as a backup in the event of a communication failure. The first system has been produced for Microlok interlockings, but it will be adapted for different types of interlock, both relay and computer-based.

“Cactus therefore believes that the system has great development potential, and an enhanced version could replace ageing local control systems with other infrastructure owners too,” says Jan Andreasson, Business Area Manager, Railway.


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Fredrik Bergström, CEO, +46 (0)31 86 97 17
Jan Andreasson, Business Area Manager, Railway, +46 (0)31 86 97 15