Products & Services

Traffic control, maintenance and integration

The basis for our offering is our proprietary traffic control system, Cactus TMS. Many years of experience also point to other needs within the rail sector.

So we offer complete solutions in several areas:

  • Traffic control – efficient control and planning of traffic.
  • Integration – a need to bring order into an ever-growing multitude of ancillary systems to get the best out of these through improved coordination.
  • Simulation and training. In our simulator we use a general interlocking model which we configure with real interlock data.
  • Support and Training


Changing engines in mid-flight

Upgrading and commissioning an entire system without disruptions or shutdowns tend to be the rule rather than the exception for us and our customers. We take care of everything from project planning to the finished plant.

Our tradition of fast, secure upgrades also means that you, the client, need only commit a minimum of resources from your organisation.


Long-term customer relationships

We are extremely keen to ensure that you, the customer, are happy with your system. Particularly as we take long-term responsibility. Our long-standing relationships are testament to our customers’ appreciation of our service and co-operation. Some of our customers even talk about a sense of family. Perhaps not so strange, given that several customer relationships have lasted 20 or 30 years.