Cactus CCS

Time for new insights. Long live the legacy.

The transport sector needs to evolve. Operators and infrastructure owners need to improve operations by increasing the efficiency and use of their systems. One of the challenges, and at the same time one of the big opportunities, is to create insight from the huge mix of infrastructural systems.

We are an independent, Swedish industrial software development company with 25 years of experience in delivering turn-key projects for rail traffic solutions.

Our belief is that by using large amounts of rail domain knowledge and embracing the best technology, a massive amount of new insights and efficient operations can be achieved for a diversified fauna of existing infrastructure.


New demands in a modern world

Acting in an infrastructure organization, there is a growing need to make operations more streamlined, efficient, and in tune with people’s everyday life.

Increasing city populations demand that more people travel sustainably. Your infrastructure must offer a modern and comfortable journey with a high level of time-schedule precision, clear passenger information in real time, and seamless door-to-door travelling through intermodality.


Modernization is jammed by historical legacy

This is an insight that most of the world’s rail actors share. Old and new equipment living side by side requires unification and migration made simple.




Old truths within the railway business that need to be challenged

  • Conservative business with old systems – safety is often an excuse for being slow in transitions. Spare utilization of modern, open-source frameworks.
  • Suppliers protect their business – often with “lock-in” license models. Collaboration is often seen as a threat and not an enabler. Asset management does not include integration of systems and transparency.
  • Today’s analytics lack domain knowledge and real-time interfaces.