Data collection

Data collection must be secure and integrated.

Railway often has a diversified infrastructure with various types of plant parts. A secure collection of data is therefore a key element in understanding and controlling the installations.

We offer our own substations, C1, C10, C20, C100 or PLC/RTUs, with the general term FDEUs (Field Data Exchange Unit) free of choice as we have communication protocols to most products. In all, some 60 protocols have been developed.

We therefore offer a good foundation for putting together a uniform, shared system, whatever the make of your facility’s existing equipment.


Areas of use for FDEUs

Interfacing, controlling and understanding the field is vital for the whole system chain, especially when precision is critical for predictive maintenance.


Key benefits

Easy maintenance, where troubleshooting and new configuration can be centrally managed for distributed installations, provides great operational benefits and savings in maintenance.

Substations spread across large geographical areas can therefore be maintained and programmed centrally from your system.

Encrypted communication with Cactus Rail sub­stations through built-in protection.


Cactus C10 – for small to medium-sized installations.

The Cactus C10 is a compact, cost-efficient substation. Despite its small size, it is a fully fledged Cactus substation. A compact housing, low power consumption and space-saving assembly options on a DIN rail are other valuable characteristics.

Cactus C100 – for large systems.

For supervising areas, larger stations or other infrastructure, we can offer the Cactus C100. The unit includes encrypted communication using SSH over TCP/IP and a safer restart after a power failure. It can be connected to both E-Bus, Profibus DP, and K-Bus on the unit. Approximately 2,000 I/Os can be connected to this substation.