TMS and CTC for railways

Sweden has the fastest-growing volume of rail traffic in Europe: just over 10,000 km of railways, the most per inhabitant in Europe. Sweden is also in the vanguard of efforts to roll out ERTMS.

For ERTMS, Cactus Rail has contributed its expertise to the Haparanda line, which was a successful pioneering project.


Planning and operating rail traffic

Planning and operating rail traffic is a complex process. The operator needs a correct picture of the situation to make quick decisions – particularly where passenger and goods traffic have to compete for space and resources.

Along with requirements for punctuality and efficiency, this places great demands on effective, safe and user-friendly aids and tools.


Mixing old and new technology

It is a challenge to monitor and maintain an infrastructure which is often a mixture of old and new technology. New technology such as ERTMS facilitates travel between countries; it is an EU-wide signalling system that creates new opportunities but also entails major investments.


Cactus TMS

Cactus TMS is a traffic control system that meets the requirements for effective control and provides the user with active decision support. Tools for monitoring key indicators and maintenance are an integral part of the delivery.


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Europe faces great challenges in the transport sector, with increased demand: goods shipments are expected to increase by around 40% to 2030 (compared to 2005) and by over 80% to 2050. Passenger traffic is also expected to increase, by 34% to 2030 and by 51% to 2050.

Efficient railways are therefore a vital means of solving the problems of overloading, security of supply, carbon dioxide emissions and the need to create an efficient transport infrastructure that promotes growth in the European economy.

Source: EU.