Discover the world’s largest rail integration platform

Almost no industry faces the same amount of legacy systems as the railway in Europe. The biggest challenge is enabling interoperability since different companies and organizations are using various technologies and protocols. The smartest way out is to apply a solution capable of handling different protocols, map the information, and be able to process vast amounts of data with zero downtime. Sounds simple? It can be.

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Cactus CCS is a powerful platform for integration and communication that enables you to gather your data in a unified format. By implementing it between trackside objects and the overhead traffic control system, all interlockings can be controlled from any TMS.

What Cactus CCS data gathering can do for good business

To handle different protocols, Cactus CCS uses the same technologies as world-leading social platforms. By building bridges between the different systems, managers can enable competition for more suppliers. This includes more transparent pricing on both new interlockings and control systems.

Better knowledge leads to better decisions

Gone are the days where companies only provided infrastructure managers with the data of their choice. To take full advantage of the digitalization, all data must be accessible and owned by the infrastructure manager. By accessing and understanding that data leads to numerous possibilities, e.g.:

  • Significant capacity gains.

  • Effective asset management practices through predictive maintenance.

  • Providing data improves workflows and enables better decision making among maintenance staff.

It is crucial to increase the efficiency of the networks. When data from all sections are transferred through the integration platform, you have full control – including support of IoT (Internet of Things) frameworks to provide seamless interoperability among track-side equipment. With open APIs, you can make your analysis and use it for new projects in new domains.

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Read more about the world’s largest rail integration platform and how Cactus Rail can help you achieve more efficient operations through large amounts of rail domain knowledge and state of the art technology.

Read more about Cactus CCS