At Cactus Rail, quality and the environment go hand in hand. In the railway world, quality and the environment are anything but empty promises and vague consultants’ prose – they are in evidence in every project. We are proud to work in an industry that promotes a long-term sustainable society.

Our view of quality

We are certified to ISO 9001. That means that our approach is process-oriented, with a formal methodology and iterative working methods.

But quality goes without saying. For us, it is part of our DNA. Our project management ability has become something of an institution. Cactus quality encompasses everything from punctual project implementation of the highest quality to keeping to agreed budgets.

Our long experience of building reliable systems means our installations always provide high availability.  In all our development work, we follow the CENELEC standards EN 50 126, EN 501 28 and EN 501 29.


Our quality policy

We endeavour to continuously improve our deliveries, so they are characterised by low fault frequency and high delivery precision. We aim to provide customers with a high level of service and to handle them in a positive, creative way, resolving any problems swiftly.

The key concepts in our quality approach are:

  • Long-term customer relationships.

  • Improved service levels.

  • An ever greater understanding of the customer’s business.


Environmental policy

We are environmentally certified to ISO 14001.

Our environmental work is driven by cyclical thinking, where we look for reusability and natural principles. Cactus aims to minimise the company’s environmental impact. Negative effects on the environment brought about by the business should be steadily reduced by continuous improvements. We do this by:

  • Helping our customers to optimise their green infrastructure.

  • Striving to view our work through biomimetic glasses.

  • Choosing the products and suppliers that are most suitable from an environmental standpoint.

  • When we travel, choosing the most resource-saving option where possible.

  • Always complying with the applicable legislation. Other environmental requirements that affect Cactus are regarded as minimum requirements.

  • Our employees’ health is of the utmost importance and they should not be exposed to unnecessary risks.