Cactus has been asked to develop and deliver a CTC (centralised traffic control) system for the extension and upgrading of the Haparanda Line in accordance with the ERTMS standard. 



The Tvärbanan line opened in 2000 – a direct link between the west and south of the city which is also coordinated with the underground. Stockholm’s new tram system connects commuter trains, the underground and buses.



When you see the Saltsjöbanan for the first time, you will probably think the trains look familiar. And you will be right – they are old underground trains converted to serve the 15,000 or so passengers who commute from the seaside to the centre of Stockholm every day.


Outside Copenhagen there are six local railway lines. Five of them used to be privately owned. In 2001 the local authority took over the railway lines, primarily to streamline operations and make them more efficient.


The Roslagsbanan line was Sweden’s first electric railway. It is almost 70 km long, and narrow gauge


The Lidingöbanan line is one of Stockholm’s older railways, faithfully serving passengers for almost 100 years, as the first train departed in 1914.

Stockholm underground

Every working day, half a million passengers make a million or more journeys on the underground from just over 100 stations.