Traffic control is a complex business which demands the right decision at the right time. Many decisions are based on experience and what the operators have done before, and it is hard to train for different situations in the operational system.

Conversion requires us to adapt both the configuration of the traffic control system and the timetables to the new conditions.


Simulator tools and training facilities

To meet various needs, Cactus Rail produces simulator tools and training facilities. In our simulator we use a general interlocking model which we configure with real interlocking data.

Depending on the existing infrastructure, the system can be enhanced with more functions: timetable handling, reporting of real-time data and train/driver characteristics.


What the system offers you as a customer

  • Train operators in different traffic scenarios.

  • Test a new interlocking configuration.

  • Validate new timetables.


Our simulator can either be integrated into Cactus TMS or supplied as a separate product.